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Our Mission

Engage Black Men (and women) so they may become viable participants in the Republican Party of Texas through encouragement, education, invitation, and participation. 

About Us

The 150 F.I.R.S.T Black Men of Texas is political in nature and we are Christian-based in our foundation.  We uphold the virtues/standards of the Judeo-Christian faith in all of our efforts as we strive to fulfill our stated mission. 

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Note: Although we are established for men and aim to engage black men to encourage participation with the Republican Party of Texas, we do not withhold participation of men from other races.  We welcome men and women of other ethnic backgrounds to become 'associate members'. This is reflective of the history of the 20 Anglos who were a part of the foundation of the Republican Party of Texas in conjunction with the 150 Black Men.

If you live outside of Texas and want to be an 'affiliate member', request an application and learn more! 

Our Vision

Reignite the excitement, commitment, and participation of Black Men within the Republican Party of Texas.


Presentation | Education 

Providing historical presentations to groups and organizations; educating them on the historical connections and impacts black men had within the Republican Party of Texas and throughout our state.  Also, teaching black men how to become more politically involved through political activism. 

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News & Publications
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     The Republican Party of Texas owes a lot to its trailblazers and one of the greatest was George T. Ruby (aka - G.T. Ruby).  Although he was born in New York, he made a lasting impact on the great state of Texas.  He was a traveled man as he journeyed to Haiti where he worked as a correspondent for the Pine and Palm (A new England newspaper).  While there, he was on the frontlines providing information for Black Americans in the United seeking freedom from slavery and racial discord.

     In 1864, he made his way to Louisiana where he taught school but left in September 1866 after taking a beating from a white mob because he was trying to establish a common school in Jacksboro.  Determined to make a difference, G.T. Ruby kept pressing forward!

The Republican Party of Texas

- Black History - George Thompson Ruby (1841 – 1882)

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The Republican Party of Texas

~The Great Divide, Cost Paid, & Power Restored ~


     The Republican Party of Texas had an interesting start.  It was post-Civil War, March 7, 1867, and the Congressional Reconstruction Act was having an immediate impact on Texas politics. There was a great push to ensure newly freed black people would be included in the political landscape moving forward.  The secession of Texas (February 1861) from the Union and their desire to reunite meant concessions had to be made.  So, Texas Republicans wasted no time embracing these new congressional demands and purposely pursued the development of a biracial party. 

     On July 4, 1867, a Republican Convention was held in Houston, Texas.  Present were 150 Black Men and 20 Anglos.

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